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Behind the Future Leader LaB program is a Finnish company called The WeLaB. The WeLaB specializes in team and leadership development. 

The WeLaB offers workshops and coaching that are built around people—the most important resource of any company. The more employees develop their skills and enjoy their work, the more your organisation prospers.

Years of experience in international HR and coaching combined with a set of handpicked tools makes The WeLaB your go-to partner in creating workplace chemistry.

Welcome to the lab!

Below, you can read more about the founders of The WeLaB
, who are the hosts of Future Leader LaB:


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Hanna is half German and half Finnish-Swedish and spent her childhood abroad. She has a M. Sc. in Economics from Svenska Handelshögskolan i Helsingfors as well as a Bachelor in Sociology from the University of Helsinki. After having worked within marketing in big global companies for the greater part of her career, Hanna decided she wanted to switch careers and become a professional coach.

Hanna is now an accredited ICF-certified coach and for the past years she’s coached teams and individuals regarding their personal and professional development. She also founded her own podcast production company that made podcasts big in Finland. She sold the company when going on maternity leave with her third child.

Just like Riina, Hanna has studied personality and emotional intelligence among other things and become consultant on the assessment tools WorkPlace Big5 and EQ-i.

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Riina has graduated as a Bachelor of Psychology (First class Honours) from University of Malta. After this she has done an international career within the field of Human Resources, including positions as Head of HR in a rapidly-growing online company and HR Manager in an international stock company in Malta and Tallinn. She has successfully taken companies through big scale mergers and acquisitions.

Especially close to Riina’s heart are topics such as company culture, management of change as well as chemistry between individuals.

Due to raising a family, Riina moved back to Finland and while on maternity leave she has kept herself up-to-date and also studied personality and emotional intelligence to become a consultant on WorkPlace Big 5 and EQ-i.

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Read more about The WeLaB's leadership and team development:

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