Dear fellow homeschool parent,

My name is Dr. Jennifer Murff, President and founder of Future Leader Lab. I am a homeschool mom of four, a university professor of strategic leadership, and a family advocate. Like you, I have chosen to homeschool because I want to give my children the very best education that will lead to better outcomes and opportunities in their future. You and your student have worked hard to complete formal home education and yet, many homeschool parents often find themselves at a loss when it comes to finding guidance services that help their student find the right career path or college major that compliments their strengths, talents, competencies, and passions. 

My experience and research has shown that KNOWLEDGE AND SELF-AWARENESS IS EMPOWERING. By your student understanding themselves, they are better able to maximize their time, plan for a rewarding and successful future, and better steward your finances. My mission is to serve the homeschool community by partnering with families just like you to prepare tomorrow's leaders today. I look forward to working with you and your student and seeing them reach their highest and fullest potential!

All the best,

Dr. Jennifer Murff


 The Murff Family

The Murff Family

About Dr. Jenn Murff

Dr. Jennifer Murff is an expert in leadership and career development. As a student and now professor of strategic leadership at Regent University, she has conducted years of research to understand what is involved in the making of a great leader and has led seminars and training with students from almost every corner of the globe. 

Dr. Jennifer Murff has been named among of the top 100 evangelical leaders in the country.  In addition to Future Leader Lab, she the president of Millennials for Marriage, a faith-based non-profit working to change the younger generation’s distorted perspectives on marriage and the family. Murff’s research and writings on marriage, education, motherhood, and the family have been cited by The Christian Post, Christian Broadcasting Network, Christianity Today, Institute on Religion and Democracy, the Institute for Family Studies to name a few. She is a proud wife and homeschool mother of four.

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